1101: Corrina Spencer 

Studying:  Diploma in Artwank, BA (Hons) Comedy & BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

I am a painter. Making small paintings in the corner of my kitchen.

1102: ebsnare  

Studying: BA (Hons) Comedy

There is nothing I enjoy more than learning. I currently work as an online content editor, and also writing freelance for various Leeds publications. I run my blog and am incredibly interesting.

1103: Jean McEwan

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste & BA (Hons) Film

I am an artist who among other things likes to buy old books from charity shops for as cheap as possible and then cut them up to make collages. Cutting things out while listening to Radcliffe and Maconie on Radio 6 of an afternoon is as optimum as it gets for me. I have  a pasting table on which all my bits and pieces are scattered and I move them about till I like em. No great mystery. Having a messy and chaotic workspace is essential.  I’ve found that most of the things that work are totally accidental so I don’t try too hard. Or take it too seriously. Gluestick, scissors, + pen = heaven.

1104:  Nuge

Studying: BA (Hons) Avant Garde & BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

Artist and painter for about 20 years now, I enjoy most of all a huge canvas in a messy studio that I can attack with oil paint and a shear abstract expressionist overdose of emotion and energy. However, I also enjoy forays into methods more Zen, figurative and contemporary. I am actually working on distancing myself from the canvas at this moment in time and including more thoughtful ideas into my work. This is difficult though as I am fairly addicted, after 20 years hard use, to 2-D self-expression.

1105: Jakikawasaki

Studying: BA (Hons) Avant Garde, BA (Hons) Foreign Language & MPhil Mistakes

When artist is an authentic witness and confessor of faith, the art becomes passage to the invisible world. In “Reverse Perspective”, artist reviles existence of something beyond the obvious fact of miracle, found in “everyday” – the discovery of God’s presence, developing the endless possibilities of “practicing imagination”, and focusing direction towards achieving the highest goal: redemption, Revelation and Salvation. We can feel at first hand the presence of the Holy Spirit, of Its Uncreated Energy. It all has one goal – the change of the entire visible world Its complete, essential transfiguration. At some times, we simply do not know if we are on earth or in heaven. We feel, with our entire being, that God is with us at that time. Truly with us. Those moments of stepping into eternity, I have named “eterniments.”

1106:  Golau Glau

Studying: BA (Hons) Avant Garde & MPhil Mistakes

Golau Glau are an anonymous collective of artists, photographers and musicians, with particular interests in social history, not-silences and environments under threat – both urban and natural.  Their body of work to date has examined themes of domestic, social and sexual politics; popular culture; scandal; folk history and Anglican and pagan rituals.   The collective have received extensive radio play, press and blog coverage of their work (BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, XFM, The Guardian, Shook, Dazed & Confused).

1107: The Third Policeman

Studying: BA (Hons) Film

I don’t like establishments that churn out unprofessional proffesionals. An axe is as worthy as a computer. Satire will save the world.

“Adopt the rhythm of nature; her secret is patience”

1108: Heather

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

I’m a hoarder and collector, gleaning small pieces of incidental knowledge from books, street posters, overheard conversations and of course, libraries. I work in a number of mediums, using printmaking, poetry and photography to create collages, artist books and films. For the past two years I have been making small daily collages as a way of disseminating the knowledge I’ve gained incidentally, stitching onto paper, ripping paper into pieces and reassembling these pieces into new variations on inevitably old themes.

1109: Sarah Ellen

Studying:  Mphil Mistakes & BSc Social Media

Escaped late from the Dolls House, planned to live life’s great adventure but life caught up with us, even so I’m doing the best I can.

1110: CorieltauviArt

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste & BA (Hons) Foreign Language Combined & NVQ Pedantics

Ann-Marie is one half of the husband and wife collaboration CorieltauviArt. She has migrated towards art from the world of scientific research,where she spent time(measurable in years)looking for incredibly small minerals in a variety of different coloured slates(mostly in darkened rooms using large,noisy machines). Ann-Marie has subsequently found refuge in experimenting with various aspects of the creative arts including fine art,printmaking,painting,photography and poetry. Ann-Marie has a particular interest in documenting and translating various aspects of her everyday life experiences into words and pictures:particularly those visual,aural and even imaginary moments which evoke a strong,positive or negative emotional response.

1111: Tiffers

Studying: BA (hons) Avant Garde, BA (Hons) Foreign language, NVQ Pedantics & BSc Social Media

Can’t eat cheese. I bruise like a peach, Quite partial to Jack Daniels, Love making people bloody, Make up Artist (see above… I’m not into violence!), Try hard art appreciator, Controversy Courter, Good Egg! No Boarding Enthusiast, Irrelevance Over Acheiver!

1112: Sim Gishel

Studying: MPhil Mistakes

My work explores the relationship between the tyranny of ageing and skateboard ethics. With influences as diverse as Kierkegaard and Mahatma Gandhi, new combinations are generated from both simple and complex meanings. Ever since I was a student I have been fascinated by the traditional understanding of the human condition. What starts out as triumph soon becomes debased into a tragedy of temptation, leaving only a sense of decadence and the chance of a new synthesis.As spatial forms become frozen through emergent and diverse practice, the viewer is left with an insight into the inaccuracies of our condition.

1113: Monky

Studying: BA (Hons) Artwank, BA (Hons) Avant Garde, MPhil Mistakes & NVQ Pedantics

Big feet.

1114: Doug Bowen

Studying: BA (Hons) Artwank, BA (Hons) Avant Garde, MPhil Mistakes & NVQ Pedantics

1115: Wandapops    

Studying: BA (Hons) Comedy, BA (Hons) Foreign Language & BSc Social Media

Southern shortie, with a Yorkshire state of mind. Working in tourism for the fabulous city of Leeds. I like to laugh, dance & talk rubbish. I’m Denny Different.

1116: Terry

Studing: Diploma in Artwank & NVQ Pedanctics

Artist and social support worker who looks to see them as not mutually exclusive.

1117: Neil Owen  

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

I make stuff.

1118: Stephanie

Studying: BA (Hons) Artwank & NVQ Pedantics


1119: Fuckstick

Studying: BA (Hons) Artwank & NVQ Pedantics

6ft 4 inch 24 stone pussy. I was lied to about life. It’s hard work and I haven’t got it in me.

1120: Emma Bolland

Studying: MPhil Mistakes

I don’t know what to say, I might get it wrong and never be able to take it back….

1121: Young Mail Artists

Studying: BA (hons) Artwank & MPhil Mistakes

We have a giant … ego.

1122: Emmy

Studying: BA (Hons) Avant Garde, BA (Hons) Comedy & BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

Eager to learn incidentally.

1123: Fab Gear

Studying: Diploma in Artwank, BA (Hons) Avant Garde, BA (Hons) Comedy, BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste, BA (Hons) Film, BA (Hons) Foreign Language, MPhil Mistakes, NVQ Pedantics & Bsc Social Media

Fellow understander, understudier and not for profiteer.. dreamer and achiever.

1124: Why girl?

Studying: Diploma in Artwank, BA (Hons) Avant Garde & BA (Hons) Foreign Language

I know nothing.

1125: Eggsi

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

1126: Richard Miles 666

Studying: MPhil Mistakes

I am the Liam Gallagher of Art History

1127: Vio

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

1128: BAKA

Studying: MpHil Mistakes


1129: gazpachodragon

Studying: BA (Hons) Avant Garde, BA (Hons) Foreign Language & BSc Social Media

Origami ninja and office monkey

1130: Mr Teste

Studying: MPhil Mistakes

I like writing poem, prose, posters. My current one is “living within an ethically fluid landscape” (for 2.B)

1131: Helen

Studying: BA (Hons) Artwank & BA (Hons) Foreign Language

1132: Indivisible

Studying:BA (Hons) Avant Garde & BA (Hons) Comedy

Art maker, initiator, sponge.

1133: Adam Denton

Studying: BA (Hons) Artwank & MPhil Mistakes

1134: pinkyvonne  

Studying: BA (Hons) Comedy, BA (Hons) Comedy & BA (Hons) Film

Stuff and things

1135: RooskiGypsy

Studying: Diploma in Artwank, BA (Hons) Avant Garde, BA (Hons) Comedy, BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste, BA (Hons) Film, BA (Hons) Foreign Language, MPhil Mistakes, NVQ Pedantics & BSc Social Media

Born and still breathing but not like in still-birth!!! Note: Breathing at a reduced rate following a silent micro-heart attack.

1136: Faye Scott-Farrington

Studying:  Diploma in Artwank & BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

I spend my time shambling blindly through the world of contemporary art, on a quest to become a Victorian Polymath. Grasping wildly at fleeting ideas in the hope that one of them might just form into a tangible and meaningful piece of work. But more often than not ending up with a collection of swear words or drawings of dinosaurs. I’ve just finished an OU module in art history and currently I’m making surreal pop arty collages by day and making incongruous, pretentious conversation with infuriating hipsters as I work as a bouncer by night. Next Sunday I will be leaving the country on a ten week exploration of the USA, as the residencies I applied for on graduating didn’t want me. Hopefully I will return home inspired and effervescing with ideas, but I expect I will just come back obese.

1137: Khelfa Sahel Imad

Studying: BA (hons) Film

Artist and a journalist, my beginning was with poetry since the childhood and then moved to the theater and then to acting. In addition to my studies in the field of media and communication as a reporter for radio and television, I had  several stages in the techniques of audiovisual in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Greece. My participation in professional training courses with international specialists and directors, I have obtained last year, product certification programs and films in the field of radio production and  TV. Among the activities that i had made: Setup and activate the cultural stakes for young people and children; actions and exhibitions in the photo; I made documentary and report; media coverage of international festivals Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt; participation in international festivals in Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt and morocco and Rotterdam; animation and activate the workshops in Algeria and Tunisia for student of media; I was principal actor in a film entitled cord this year.

1138: RachaelGittins

Studying: BA (Hons) Avant Garde, BA (Hons) Foreign Language & MPhil Mistakes

Manchester-based, but Wales-born, visual artist [currently] working primarily with miniature sculpture/design and differing versions or explanations of reality. My practice is also heavily influenced by a love of creative and analytic writing, as well as an over-active imagination.

1139: GraceFace

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste & BA (Hons) Film

Film student, desperately in love with Wallace and Gromit and anything ginger. (I also occasionally take photos, ride my bike and bake cakes…very occasionally… i.e. birthdays.)

1140: Rachel Lois

Studying: Diploma in Artwank & MPhil Mistakes

I am a writer, producer and Co-Director of Open Dialogues; a UK collaboration, founded by myself and Mary Paterson in 2008, that produces writing on and as performance. In between that – and curating radical writing with In a Word, and writing my column in Dance Theatre Journal and doing the odd performance – I work in a recently nationalised bank based in West Yorkshire. Or is it the other way round?

1141: hazyhazy

Studying: BA (Hons) Avant Garde

I thought about writing this from scratch but decided that I’d just cut and paste it from one of my numerous dating website profiles, here goes…   Escaped West country girl into gigs and doing stuff on the silly side of arty . I like a city wander, snapping things and finding stuff.  I’m a maker; mainly wine, unusual knitted goods and questionable music that relies more on interesting ideas than technical skill.  I’m a very curious person and have a tendency to be quite impulsive, I’m easy to lead astray and I do go astray quite regularly (I’m an ENFP if that means anything to you). I have one of those brains that deals well with abstract concepts and I find connections in everything. I don’t have one of those brains which are good at memorising things or reading maps. I get lost a lot. Luckily I like getting lost.

1142: Kathryn Oubridge

Studying: Diploma in Artwank, BA (Hons) Avant Garde, BA (Hons) Foreign Language & MPhil Mistakes

A student of life for life. Unable to resist the opportunity to sign up for the MPhil Mistakes (among others) on the basis that with this one at least I can’t go wrong (or else can only go wrong). Just can’t resist a conundrum.

1143: Fate

Studying: BA (Hons) Avant Garde & BA (Hons) Foreign Language

Having spent four years in an art school I now have found my calling. On my way to become an illustration artist, I am once again, after a very long time, feeling the rush of blood in my veins, those energetic butterflies in my stomach, that passion that makes one fall in love with life and makes it all worth it. And that is when I look at art. Self-trained to this day, I am also a book lover and a wide reader, and write short stories as a hobby. To travel is a passion, and it has become sort of an ambition to one day go on my own road trip around the world with great rock classics played for tunes.

1144: TINA

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

I work in an organic and intuitive way using natural and found materials. I explore the ephemeral quality of memory.

1145: Nature Meadows

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

1146: Jade Blood

Studying: Diploma in Artwank & NVQ Pedantics

1147: Henry

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

I have a badger infestation.

1148: Tarsier Toes

Studying: Diploma in Artwank

I help exterminate Henry James’ badger infestation.

1149: Jane Grisewood

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste & NVQ Pedantics

1150: Señor Chipsy

Studying: NVQ Pedantics

Tall, dark & handsome, sing wonderfully, amateur striptease artist, introvert, mostly taciturn & reflective, like all vegetable & most fish.

1151: A. Rutt / Wanksy

Studying: Diploma in Artwank

Blah Blah, Blah Blah Blah Blah? Blah Blah! Blah.

1152: Corand Beecher

Studying: Diploma in Artwank

1153: Dave Foley

Studying: Diploma in Artwank

Surfer/bike enthusiast/lover/park infiltrator/rooftops/long neck birds flying outta moonlight – Tom Waits.

1154: University of Northwich

Studying: MPhil Mistakes

Hard working artist striving to close the loop between highly creative intellectual thought, talented craftsmanship and the earning of money.

1155: Urbaniser

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

Interested in: travelling, art, literature, independent cinema, skateboarding. Living in: Cologne, Hamburg, Paris, Sheffield. Languages: German, English, French. Groups: Archigram, Situationists. Skills: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, AutoCAD, VectorWorks, AduaCity, FinalCut – photography, filming, scissors, cutter, glue, ducktape

1156: Ms K  

Studying: BA (Hons) Foreign Langauge

I’m interested in all things nautical and this interest is growing. I’ve been learning to sail for a few years and find it challenging and a great escape. In my day to day life I work with a number of organisations. Among these are some with an interest in the situation of people who are described as having a mental health need. I learn a lot from them. I’m interested in who can be an artist, where art happens and why it is important.

1157: Sacha Waldron

Studying: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste & BA (Hons) Film

Sacha Waldron is currently on a curatorial placement at Arnolfini, Bristol and is studying for a BA(Hons) in Cut ‘n’ Paste and a BA(Hons) in Film with the University of Incidental Knowledge.

1158: tp

Studying: Diploma ion Artwank, BA (Hons) Avant Garde & NVQ Pedantics

Just your usual counter-cultured 30something making his way in the world, working out what’s what and how to do what he does

1159: JD Darling

Studying: Diploma in Artwank & BA (Hons) Avant Garde

Singled out for a prestigious scholarship in the autodidactic arts at the age of 17, JD graduated summa cum laude in 2008, and is returning to education in order to attain a well-paid job and a bright future for herself and everything she touches.

1160: Sharon Jemima Crew

Studying: BA (Hons) Comedy

Blank on purpose

1161: Valentine

Studying: Diploma in Artwank, BA (Hons) Avant Garde, BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste & BA (Hons) Film

1162: Oliver Sharp

Studying: BA (Hons) Avant Garde

1163: Gavin

Studying: MPhil Mistakes

I’m a fun guy.

1164: NoraBatty  

Studying: BA (Hons) Avant Garde & BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste

After graduating from LCA it has been a struggle to find a niche or a use for my degree in fine art or mental space to execute any creative ideas. I am working towards early retirement in the next 2 years. In the meantime I am eager to keep my creative thought processes alive by any means as well as finding new sources of inspiration. My daily working life sustains my mortal needs and finances but days working through beurocracy and shuffling paper drain any creativity from my mind. Perhaps i could embark on a new project called the Paper chain. Anyway I digress. Basically what you are offering sounds like good fun and boy do I need some of that!! My heros include Kurt Schwitters and Marielle Neudecker, Painters Gerhart Richter and Judith Tucker. So quite varied but I am easily seduced by pleasing images.

1165: Mary Rothlisberger

Studying:  BA (Hons) Avant Garde, BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste, MPhil Mistakes & BSc Social Media

Mary Rothlisberger is a thinker, writer, conversationalist, friendmaker, and typewriter mechanic nomadically situated in North America. She likes to listen to records, read books, go on walks, write letters, build clubhouses, and shoot slingshots.  She believes in a rational optimism, a compassionate intellect, and unconditional love. She likes to make magic, romance, sweet tea, and fried potatoes.

1166:  Amelia Beavis-Harrison

Studying: MPhil Mistakes

Amelia Beavis-Harrison is a freelance curator and artist she initiated and runs Lincoln Art Programme, a live art commissioning body in Lincoln. Her curatorial practice looks to investigate curating in public environments predominantly with live art. She is interested in the relationships that art work can have within site contexts in a wide environment that may have a direct / organic / conflicting relationship. A strand of her practice looks to explore what curating can be and the function of the curator. Amelia makes art work that is informed by situations, occurrences, conversations and the production of art. Using snippets of information gathered from common sources such as newspapers and the internet, concepts are formed. Research into both the unusual and the trivial create starting points for investigation, which often leads to action and text based work. Through gestures, visualisations and the blatantly obvious she captures ideas are re-sells them as art. Influences from the every day and the under exposed inform the works outcomes. Further to this Amelia has an interest in failure and how it is manifested in both art work and society. Her work often unintentionally explores failure creating by-products that are representative of the situation.

1167: Pageant Malarkey

Studying: BA (Hons) Comedy

1168: Pete

Studying: BA (Hons) Comedy & MPhil Mistakes

I hate filling these things in. If you want to see more about me have a look at my website. It will both give a flavour of my work and present my aptitude for the course in mistakes (I think there are typos on my statement on the front page that I haven’t gotten around to fixing.)

1169: Strawbleu

Studying: Diploma in Artwank

Refusing to sit in the art world or the technical photography world and unwilling to accept the status quo in developing my personal work – photographic imagemaking – or the social groups I’ve been involved in. I am now moving to get my work into the real world and I’m incredibly excited by the potential this course has to develop my promotional and presentational skills.

1170: gib

Studying: BA (Hons) Comedy

  1. Is distance learning an option please?
    I’ve managed to be a fairly successful ‘remote Twit’volunteer at the Edinburgh Festival without departing from my living room

  2. I am pursuing a doctorate in failure, a refinement which it has taken me over 30 years to acquire, starting with the language degree I did in Leeds last century. I live a long way away from you and am too poor to afford the train fair to enrol. I could teach others how to fail really well; please don’t pretend to be interested in this ability as it would confuse a life time of failure.
    please send an enrolment form though

  3. Hi, as a passive learner in no true subject, would I be able to just ‘pop’ in and out occasionally and borrow people’s notes?

    • Hi Len, We will be publishing students’ work for the benefit of everyone, but we strongly advise you to enroll on at least one course and consider devising your individual learning plan to incorporate your needs. You could include extra curricula modules to your learning programme also.

    • nicholaswright
    • September 19th, 2011

    Can i run a course in not caring about conceptual art crap like this and actually making things that sell? 🙂

    • ARutt/Wanksy
    • January 4th, 2012

    Bully for you. But is it o.k if we do what we bloody well like?

  1. October 6th, 2011

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