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Leeds Student Review

From Leeds Student 12 October 2011:

Next to Nothing: An Exhibition on the Price of Nothing and the Value of Everything

“Interested in a ‘Diploma in Artwank’? Or just looking for something anti-commercial? The latest exhibition by Black Dogs, as part of Art in Unusual Spaces, has everything to rival Damien Hirst’s exhibition (without selling out or pickling livestock).

“The focus of ‘Next to Nothing’ is the changing value of money, time and art. It questions the real value of these things, whilst removing the ‘pretentious atmosphere’ between the public and the art industry. Situated at the top floor of The Light shopping centre, the irony of this anti-commercial exhibition is not lost; clever and subversive works play with the idea of value, showing that just about everything, including our own time, can be bought and sold. The range of media is brilliant; from letterpress, lighting, paint and even J-cloth, bringing interest to the otherwise bare, concrete-lined space of a disused shopping unit. The witty and ingenious works of ‘Next to Nothing’ include a display of two $100 bills printed onto two bleached $5 bills, contrasted with a vase full of origami roses made out of the Financial Times.

“It’s not essential to be an art buff or an anarchist to enjoy this exhibition. There’s something for everyone; including a maze of cress, a chance to sign up to The University of Incidental Knowledge and a display of cheap supermarket goods so cunning they actually look edible. Black Dogs prides its art on being accessible and relevant to people’s lives, and succeeds; resonating especially with the current financial catastrophe. This hands-on and friendly exhibition has a relaxed and unpretentious vibe. Some of the pieces are difficult to understand, as none of the work is titled, but the artists are very engaging and helpful. Well worth taking a break from some capitalist spending for!”

Rating 4/5


Incidental Knowledge Quiz for This Is Not A School

University of Incidental Knowledge students will be compiling a quiz for This Is Not A School participants from their collective incidental knowledge.

Friday 28th October 2011, 3-4pm

Five Years
Unit 66
Regent Studios
8 Andrews Road
London E8 4QN

Full Programme:

Answers to UIK Crossword #0001

3. Wolfie
4. rosemary
5. concert pitch
7. The Briggait
9. apple
11. black
12. anemia
14. fathom
15. chlorophyll
17. Jardim Gramacho
19. Carlsberg
21. Finland
24. Malpensa
27. unkindness
28. sugar cane
30. column inch

1. piastre
2. prickly pear
6 coin clipping
8. gel
10. hard black
13. Edinburgh
16. Thomas Edison
18. Afrikaans
20. six
22. ginnel
23. país
25. purple
26. dray
29. Doha