Alice Bradshaw

Alice Bradshaw is an artist and curator based in West Yorkshire, UK. Her practice involves a wide range of media and processes involving the manipulation of everyday objects and materials. Mass-produced, anonymous objects are often rendered dysfunctional caricatures of themselves, addressing concepts of purpose and futility and blurring distinctions between the absurd and the mundane. Alice curates collaboratively and is co-founding director of Fundada Artists’ Film Festival, founding director of the Museum of Contemporary Rubbish, co-curator in residence at Westgate Studios, Wakefield and co-curator for Holmfirth Arts Festival.


Louise Atkinson

Louise Atkinson is a Leeds-based artist, curator and gallery educator. She works in a variety of media, relating the process to the concept. Her interests lie in the relationship between art, language and ritual, and particularly in the impact of social media on communication. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and worked on projects organised by Tate Britain, Leeds University, LAB Gallery, New York and Whitechapel Gallery, London, among others.

Currently, she curates for Shine Leeds and is founder of the online international group Artist Book Collective, from which she produces exhibitions alongside Leeds International Artist Book Fair.

Courses: BA (Hons) Comedy & Bsc Social Media



Fundada is an artist collective of Alice Bradshaw, Nancy Porter and Wolfie. Wolfie is really the mastermind behind the operation. He was rescued from a brewery in North Yorkshire and has since been championing the humourous and surreal with Alice and Nancy doing all the hard work. Alice and Nancy met whilst working at Temporary Art Space in Halifax in 2009 where cheap cava sealed their collaborative fate. Fundada is best known for Fundada Artists’ Film Festival (FAFF) which inaugurated at Halifax Festival 2010 and has shown some of the best artists’ short films from across the world. In 2011 FAFF moved to Wakefield and will tour in 2012. Fundada has always been interested the foreign and exotic, with the collective name found on a Havana Club rum bottle.

Courses: BA (Hons) Foreign Language


Vanessa Haley

Vanessa Haley is a person with a somewhat varied art practice. The biggest piece of which is her ongoing diaries that began in 1983 with the immortal words; this diary belongs to Vanessa Haley. This tomb of the emotional and professional rollercoaster which records her life, is intended to be her legacy to her son, because for damned sure she won’t be leaving him any money, chattels or property.

You can find examples of her work in many places, but feels that for the purposes of this it would be better if she didn’t tell you where they were, but that it might be quite nice if you just happened, by chance to find some of it.

Courses: BA (Hons) Film


Debi Holbrook
After a less than conventional life Debi ran away from home, domesticity and sheep herding to continue her Art education and in the process (quote) ”I lost everything, but gained so much more – except an oven, I still don’t own one”. Now a Leeds based exhibiting visual artist Debi uses a various media and sometimes diverse materials to create works mainly (but not exclusively) concerning absence, evidence + memory. A penchant for collecting discarded items, she uses her gut instinct to rework them with often uneasy results. Debi is currently a workshop assistant in the Learning department at Hepworth Wakefield.

Courses: BA (Hons) Avant Garde


Duncan Lister

Duncan left school with 3 GCE  O Level’s (the original and far harder to get type) and little idea what he wanted to do. After many years doing shit jobs Duncan went to art school. He still has no idea what he wants to do when leaves school. He does however have this to say about his artist practice:

“My chief concerns relate to the concepts of balance and imbala…”(the rest of this artist’s statement has been removed by order of the Department of Artwank)

Courses: NVQ Pedantics


Bob Milner

Bob Milner was born in a different decade to most people reading this. His early life was marred by tragedy; the carpet and the curtains didn’t match. For anyone else, this would have been an opportunity to struggle through and prove to the world that nothing can stop them. For Bob, it was a sign that nothing was ever going to be right. A natural sceptic about the innate decency of people, misanthropy and a profound inability for empathy has contributed to the making of very little. His approach to art and living was shaped gradually over many tedious hours. Art is an itch, the kind you get in the middle of your back, the one you can’t reach. If he could reach, he would scratch it.

Courses: BA (Hons) Cut ‘n’ Paste & Diploma in Artwank



Collaborative behemoth Sparrow+Castice are a Birmingham based creative duo thrust into art in an attempt to impress the other gender, owing to musical incompetence. Our interests lie primarily in doing as little work whilst pretending to do as much work as possible, puns, funs, and devoting a disproportionate amount of energy to hating artists with the initials A G. We’ve exhibited/screened at The Hepworth Wakefield, on a Henry Moore sculpture, at Flatpack Festival 2011 and in our garage. In 2012 Sparrow+Castice are set to replace Vic and Bob as the hosts of Shooting Stars on BBC2. The previous sentence was a lie.

Courses: MPhil Mistakes


Work at the University of Incidental Knowledge

Proposals are open for new courses and guest lecturers. Interested? Email the University staff with your proposals . No monetary benefits available.


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